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The Bibliotheca Polyglotta (BP) is a digital corpus of major historical multilingual texts, i.e. religious, scientific or otherwise culturally significant texts which have been translated into several languages because of their perceived importance – and hence, their subsequent influence beyond the culture in which they were originally created. The BP is a rich database for linguistic and philological research, and documents the global history of concepts as displayed in a number of languages, and it demonstrates how concepts diffuse historically into new languages, and thus into new cultural contexts.

The BP contains major texts from the Buddhist canon, a substantial corpus of Old Norse literature, and a steadily increasing number of Classical Greek texts with their Arabic and Latin translations.

The BP was established in 2006, as a complete reprogramming of the earlier Thesaurus Litteraturae Buddhicae, written by Jens Braarvig in 2001. A new version of the BP is currently under construction.

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