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The Norwegian Institute of Philology

Norwegian Institute of Philology (PHI)
P.O. Box 2709

0204 Oslo

Gydas vei 4, 0363 Oslo

w/ MF Norwegian School of Theology,

Religion and Society

Telephone: +47 954 01 754



The Norwegian Institute of Philology (PHI) was founded in March 2003 as an international research center based in Oslo. The purpose of PHI is to conduct research within the various fields of comparative and historical philology, with special reference to palaeography and conservation, textual criticism, interpretation, translation, and comparative conceptual history. The institute also offers a comprehensive program of language instruction and methodological training for students of classical languages and historical philology. 

The general aim of PHI is to make philology relevant to the comparative study of texts as expressions of the intellectual and cultural heritage of the world, and to place historical philology in a dynamic relation to the modern world. 


Editing newly discovered texts and providing close readings of traditional texts in their original languages, in the light of modern methods and perspectives, remains the very basis of all studies on the development of human culture. During the last two centuries, the study of human history has been enriched by a number of important new methods, from disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, linguistics, and most recently from biology. We welcome these new perspectives as a necessary enrichment of the philological tradition.

Read more about the Norwegian Institute of Philology and the tradition of historical philology in Norway (document in Norwegian).

Institutional collaboration with MF Norwegian school of theology, religion and society

Starting in January 2019, the Norwegian Institute of Philology has joined forces with MF Norwegian school of theology, religion and society (MF vitenskapelig høyskole) in a close institutional collaboration to provide higher education in a number of historical and classical languages and written traditions. Read more about the PHI-MF collaboration (in Norwegian).
Norwegian Institute of Philology's General Objectives
  • Promote the publication of a series of monographs making hitherto unpublished manuscripts available.

  • Establish electronic databases, published openly on the Internet, which facilitate the comparative study of cultural history.

  • Promote the dissemination of books and other content for the general public.

  • Promote the training of outstanding young scholars to work within textually orientated comparative philology;

  • Develop up-to-date technological tools and methodological principles for historical philology.

Norwegian Institute of Philology's Main Activities

       See the News page (with Activities and Events Archive) for a synoptic history of PHI activities.

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People and Network
Statutes and Mission Statement
  • There are currently five members on the Board of the Norwegian Institute of Philology. The Institute also has an Advisory Board. More information here.

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