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The Norwegian Institute of Philology organises weekly philological research seminars where we read ancient and classical texts in a number of languages. Please write to if you have questions or if you are interested in participating. 
The time and place of each weekly seminar is given in the calendar summary to the right and in the full calendar below. In several cases there are also dedicated seminar pages with more information.
Seminars usually begin in early February and early September. The dates of the first reading are found in the calendar below (or will be posted in due time).  
Student participation in these seminars can in most cases be awarded with ECTS credits ("studiepoeng"), based on active participation in the seminar and on submitting a term paper. Students who participate will typically have prior knowledge of the language(s) and cultural tradition(s) in question, equivalent to a minimum of one academic year of instruction. Students are awarded credits based on a written assignment (essay/term paper).
PhD-students can also register for these courses as part of their course requirements, in agreement with their supervisors and home institutions.


Mon 14:15–16:00 Graeco-Arabic: Galen
Mon 14:15–16:00 Arabic: Koranen i islamsk tradisjon
Tue 11:15–13:00 San-Tib-Chi: Mūlasarvāstivādavinaya
Tue 13:15–15:00 San-Tib-Chi: Prajñāpāramitā
Tue 14:15–16:00 Pashto Landeys
Wed 08:30–10:00 Georgian: Balavariani
Wed 09:15–11:00 San-Tib-Chi: Bodhisattvapitaka
Wed 13:15–15:00 Armenian: Eusebius' Chronicon
Wed 16:15–18:00 Klassiske hebraiske og jødiske tekster
Thu 10:15–12:00 Historisk grammatikk
Thu 11:15–13:00 Greek: Proclus' comm. on Euclid
Thu 13:15–15:00 Greek and Latin: Herodotus
Thu 14:15–16:00 Arabic: Alexander Romance
Fri 08:15–10:00 North Arabian: Pre-Islamic inscriptions
Fri 10:15–12:00 Arabic: Historical Koran
Fri 13:15–15:00 Sumerian/Akkadian


Students who wish to register for an exam when following a seminar, must chose one of the fixed course codes ("emner") relevant to that seminar.
Link to course registration at MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society (deadline December 15th and June 15th). The procedure is similar to the one described in Norwegian here (for the introductory courses). 
To identify the course codes ("emner") available for each seminar, note the title after "COURSE REGISTRATION" under the relevant seminars in the calendar below, or on the dedicated page for the seminar in question. When you register, please state which seminar(s) you intend to follow.
See also our introductory courses (in Norwegian).

There are currently 6 formally defined subjects or course codes (“emner”) for course registration. Each course code has two levels (2 x 15 ECTS). They are:

  • Classical European Philology 1 (Bachelor / Master) –– 2 (Bachelor / Master

  • Sumerian and Akkadian Philology 1 (Bachelor / Master–– 2 (Bachelor / Master

  • Semitic and Afroasiatic Philology 1 (Bachelor / Master–– 2 (Bachelor / Master

  • Indo-Iranian Philology 1 (Bachelor / Master–– 2 (Bachelor / Master)  

  • Indian and Buddhist Philology 1  (Bachelor / Master–– 2 (Bachelor / Master

  • Arabic and Islamic Philology 1 (Bachelor / Master) –– 2 (Bachelor / Master

The following subjects will be added in 2021:​

  • Hebrew and Jewish Philology (Bachelor / Master)

  • Chinese and East Asian Philology (Bachelor / Master)


More information about each course code is found at the MF course registration page. Choose Bachelor or Master according to the level of your current study program (if you are enrolled in a Masters program or if you have completed a Masters degree, you can choose the code for “Master”; otherwise, choose the code for “Bachelor”)


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