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Topkapı Sarayı Müzesi 44/32 (Altıkulaç 2007) Edition

The edition will contain a critically established text based on chosen early manuscripts, so as to give a fairly good idea of the so-called rasm tradition (the earliest non-diacritical texts). We will include important variant readings from the early Islamic exegetical litterature (tafsīr and specialised works on qirāʾāt, etc.), and we will produce a philological commentary which will include a critical evaluation of modern scholarly research on the Koranic text, meaning and history.


The palaeographic study of the Koran is important, but it is by now quite well established that the textual variants are few and often inconsequential for the semantic interpretation of the text. Our primary goal is to investigate the linguistic and semantic status of the Koran as a Late Antique text. Our edition will also include a literal translation with a running commentary in which also the educated general reader should find much of interest.

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